News/Social Feed

The platform owner posts short and long form curated and journalistic content that’s broadcast to all users.

Members post links to news articles, opinions, and engage in citizen journalism.

Innovate user controlled algorithm keeps conversations civil and safe.

Payments and Promotion
Members and business pay to boost the reach of any type of post in the feed. Members subscribe for an ad-free experience.

Member Safety 
Members control who and what they see on the platform with reporting tools and their likes/dislikes. Optional AI moderation alerts administrators to objectionable content.

Private Messaging

Chat one on with with other members. Edit or delete messages with ease. Built in safety features allow for reporting or blocking offensive content.
Private Messaging


Create events that appear both in the news feed and in beautiful and easy to browse events calendar.

Business Directory

Find businesses, products, and services in an easily searchable business directory that’s 100% local.

Browse by category, or search for products, menu items, or service categories.

Create a ‘checkin’ post with a nice shot of your meal and submit it to the feed. Business owners can create a business post with their own branding and and business information.

Members can submit a new business for approval, and business owners can claim their own business.

Community Question

Build a storehouse of community knowledge with this unique social feature.

See if a question has already been answered, or ask a new one.

Other members vote on answers so that the best answers rise to the top.

Over time frequently asked questions and community wisdom accumulate, helping new community members and old.


Polls capture the pulse of the community with engaging and attractive live results.


A place for the community to sell or give away their stuff.

Members private message the seller to arrange for pick or negotiate a price.