Rediscover Your Local Community

Your Words. Your Community. Your Business.

QuirkLocal is a new digital space that enriches local communities by creating real world engagement without the toxicity of traditional social platforms. We use the very same technologies legacy social media has used to divide us and extract revenue, to instead rebuild the economic and social fabric of local communities.

Rebooting Social Media

QuirkLocal is a social platform that respects your privacy and your data, has consciously designed away addictive features, and values community engagement over online engagement.

Built to calm addictive behavior with slow and concise notifications that you control

Consciously Designed with Features to Calm Online Discourse

Respects Your Data Privacy and Gives You Control

Rebuilding Local Business

Local businesses are struggling, unable to compete with global logistics experts that can deliver packages the next day or even next hour. QuirkLocal is designed to redirect revenue to the local businesses and services, using local ad revenue to power the platform.

Reinvigorating Local Journalism

Local newspapers are on life support, their business model carved up by a dozen different centralized platforms that have no interest in local concerns.  Important local issues are overshadowed by rancorous national debates.

QuirkLocal is designed to reinvigorate local journalism, center local debates, and create a compelling source of local content.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use technology to enrich local communities.

The time is ripe for a new social media platform that’s scaled to the local community, not global markets. A platform that gives users control over their own data. A media platform that’s creative and generative, using technology to build our communities and bring us together.

QuirkLocal is that platform:
The digital evolution of the local newspaper, and a reboot of the modern social media platform.

Your Words. Your Community. Your Business.

Visit QuirkLocal Oak Park to see the platform in action: QuirkLocal Oak Park